July 12, 2011

July, July, July-y-y-y!

At some point I'm going to get better at blogging...instead of forgetting I have a blog and only posting every two months.

So, I have a different job now. I'm still working for Gaylord Entertainment (yes, Gaylord, haha, go ahead and giggle) but they've opened a new restaurant in close association with the Grand Ole Opry called "Opry Backstage Grill". The main premise of this place is that it's supposed to feel like you're hanging out backstage at the Opry...and eating food, hence the name. The coolest part is that in addition to waiting tables, I will also be performing a number of classic and modern country hits on the stage at the restaurant! My favorite song on the list we get to choose from is definitely "Sleeping Single in a Double Bed" by Barbara Mandrell. If you haven't heard this song - well, youtube that shiz and prepare to be amazed ;-)

No but seriously, I'm excited for this job, both to be singing and for the prospect of Opry members themselves coming in to eat at the restaurant! According to the management, this is a thing that's going to happen regularly. We have our grand opening probably in August and I guess they're trying to get as many Opry members to attend as possible. So that's pretty exciting. If nothing else, I'm excited to be waiting tables instead of being a hostess, as this will almost assuredly mean mo' money (mo' problems). Also the food is delicious, AND locally sourced, which I definitely approve.

Also RACH RICH is gonna come visit me and bring the Pintometer, which WILL DEFINITELY BE THE BEST THING EVER. Nashville has Percy Priest instead of the beach, and a downtown so tourist-filled it sometimes makes you wanna cry, but Nashville also has me and my love for both Rachel and her giant beast of a dog :-)

Also my parents are coming to fetch me a bed, so I can actually sleep in my room in a real, queen-sized, big girl bed. Look out, I'm moving up in the world.

Also my cousins Kathy and Saul have finally gotten to adopt their precious baby girl, to be named Kailani. This is her on Saul's shoulder. Can't wait to meet her!

All in all, I'm happy with the way things have worked out this summer. Oh also, I turned 24 a couple weeks back. Feels about the same as 23. :-)