August 30, 2010

I'm bad at this.

Life gets harder and harder. And more worrisome.

But here I am anyway, in a show after saying I wasn't going to do any for awhile, in Tulsa after swearing I'd leave after graduation, living with my parents after thinking I wouldn't again. It's not bad though, just a little...blah.

I've got a restless spirit. Someone told me that once, and I think they meant it as a bad thing (in fact, I know they did, but that's beside the point). For me though, I'm just not content to settle until I know I've got a good version of myself. I want to see things and experience things. I can't imagine a worse existence than to wake up everyday and feel like a log in a stagnant pond. I just want motion and new people and fun.

But I can see how it's a bad thing too - I'm bad at committing to things...and people. I've been meaning to write more, and I can't make myself sit down and start. I know I need to save my money (in order to have those new experiences I've been craving) but I'm so excited to have expendable income for the first time in so long that I buy lots of things that I don't need.

Gah. This is the angsty-est blog ever. Shut up Karli.

July 28, 2010

So, a blog.

I haven't had a blog since I was in Prague. But now I want to write another. I think I feel a new chapter (era, season?) beginning in my life, and so I want to document it. Feel free to read it. Or not. Though it would be more fun for me if you did.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! Turn and face the strain, ch-ch-changeh-ehs--that's why I'm writing this blog. Suddenly, after 19 years of being in school, I find myself not in school, and with no clear plan of ever returning.

I have a BA in musical theatre. It's really doing me a lot of good, because I'm now working as a receptionist in a salon. My training's coming in handy. Answering calls, talking to people...I did both of those things in college. Yep.

Anyway, life is changing. I don't really know what steps to take next, whether to stay in Tulsa or move to the beach with my biffles Rajangajangas...or to Nashvegas with Schultz, or to just fly back over to Ireland and busk on the streets like Glen Hansard. Though I'd have to grow a ginger beard for that last one, so maybe not.

The job I've got is all right, but dealing with entitled people all day can really get old fast. The worst people to me are the ones who call and say, "Hi, this is Patricia Hollis," and then just stop talking, expecting you to know exactly who she is, when her appointment is, who it's with, and when she wants to move it to. These people apparently don't realize that we make hundreds of appointments with hundreds of people. Somehow, they think that we should recognize them for the specialfriend they are. People are crazy. There are seriously customers who pay $60 every three DAYS to get their hair styled with an "Advanced Master" stylist. What. the. crap.

Anyway, there are times when the job can be boring, stressful, irritating, and depressing. At best, it's mediocre. But I am making money, which is nice. And I am moving over to the actual salon instead of being in the call center, so hopefully that'll be better. And if not, maybe it's good to not have anything keeping me in Tulsa. Because I'm ready to move on. I think.